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With all our tours, we guarantee optimum quality in the equipment and facilities.
Food and water, entrance fees, costs for jeep, camels and guides are always included. There will be no extra costs. The following tours are our packages designed out of our experience and knowledge. As you wish, we will plan and organize your own individual desert trip. We offer you our knowledge about the sights in and around Jaisalmer and
the life in the desert.


Traditional Camel Safari

You will ride on your own camel to explore the nature of the desert Thar from a higher point. On the way, you will see also villages and farmhouses and you will have rest in the shadow of some trees, drinking chai and having lunch. In the relaxed rhythm of the camels, you will arrive at one of the dunes for the sunset. Our guide will cook your dinner on the campfire while you are sitting under millions of stars and drink chai, of course. After breakfast next day you continue the safari through the jungle of the desert 😉
It is up to you how many days you want to go.

What we provide:
• Enough of mineral water and fresh food
• Our guides are responsible and respectful
• Camels are trained specially for safaris
• Experience of the nature and animal live
• Flexibility in your stay
• Sunset at the dunes
• All facilities for over night
• Listen some old stories at the campfireDSC_0257
in the morning

Desert Trekking Tour

Explore the desert under your feet!
Maybe you never thought about to walk through the desert. This is our special surprise for you. The tour is created to give a different view of the desert. You will see more, because you are down to the ground and you are more slow. Our Guide will tell you about the life here outside. He will show you fruits and vegetables growing wild in the desert. Cows, Goats, Sheeps and Deeres will cross your way. You will find a wonderful variety of birds and small animals like Lizzards or Squirrells, Bugs and Bees. On the way you may find some fossils or beautiful stones. You will see great views and all the small things.
A Paradise for Nature Photographer. To plan this tour is always individual.
We provide a guide and all facilities needed.
Khejdi Tree
on the way
Lizzard in Khejditree
Joshira Lake